Welcome to ECON Construction Inc, a full service provider of commercial construction solutions. Our specialties include commercial tenant improvements, facilities maintenance and construction management services. We love what we do and we treat each project as not just another project but as an opportunity to build a relationship with that client. ECON brings forth a team of exceptional construction professionals, encompassing a wide range of diversity at various project types and over 40 years experience.

Why Choose Us…?


A combination of our extensive, diverse project knowledge obtained through years of experience and our close and consistent attention to every aspect and detail of your project to ensure the quality and success. We love what we do and we treat each project as not just another building but as an opportunity to build a relationship with that client

How We Build

Our method of building TI’s, starts with unparalleled professionalism and customer service from inception to completion. Our thorough and detailed pre-construction and project management system maximizes construction material procurement and efficiency and minimizes delays and costly changes in the field which results in added cost savings to our clients.


ECON Construction Inc. is founded on a set of guiding principles that we have found to be the driving force in this business and our continued success. These principles are Quality, Integrity and Dedication. We take pride in our work, we stand by our word, and we do what it takes to make it happen.

Job Site Safety The Number One Priority

While productivity, cost-efficiency and quality are core business values, we will not compromise workplace safety for their sake.

All accidents are preventable and all hazards are controllable

All personnel are expected to perform their assigned tasks safely with a high degree of alertness to the hazards of the workplace. Everyone is expected to participate in the elimination and control of these hazards and to encourage the safe behaviour of others.

Working safely is a condition of employment

All ECON’s  employees are expected to work safely in accordance with the training they have received.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility

The entire organization – from upper management to the most recently hired junior employee – is responsible for safety. It is management’s role to establish these safety commitments as our highest priority and to communicate safety expectations in a visible and inspiring manner.

Staff are well trained to perform their jobs safely prior to being assigned these tasks

No one will be permitted to perform a job without first demonstrating that he or she understands and can perform the job safely. All personnel are expected to adhere to these training requirements. ECON’ s employees are thoroughly trained in our specific health and safety program, safe work procedures and practices.

Safety Management Plan

The same thoroughness and intensity of thought will be placed on safety management as on other aspects of business management. This includes setting high standards of performance and improvement goals. Each location will have an active Safety Management Plan that is equivalent to those for production and quality

Audits are essential for maintaining safety performance

Management and employees will actively observe and involve themselves with the health and safety performance and behaviors of others in order to encourage those that act safely and correct those that perform in an unsafe manner. Safety excellence will be encouraged to further stimulate performance improvements.

Safety is born in Company Culture

From its inception, ECON construction has been an advocate of job site safety as priority one. This company has a safety culture second to none. From management to all levels of employees, safety as a whole has been welcomed with open arms. Participation in safety meetings and hazard identification and control is consistently high and a strong safety initiative exists among all employees. With this deep-seated culture in place from the very beginning, all new employees are quickly assimilated by their peers and supervisors. Safety is embraced and as a result, ECON boasts that we have never had a lost time incident during our operating history.

ECON Construction Inc.

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